Post-graduation Masters are specialization courses for those who want to keep themselves up to date, deeply study certain subjects or specialize in a particular sector. Their duration goes from 3 months to 2 years, depending on the orientation and the attendance chosen by the student.
Generally, courses are aimed to students who come from other Fashion Schools or had previous educational/work experiences.
It’s possible to choose among Design and Modeling, in different areas like Prêt-à-Porter Woman, Man, Wedding Dresses, Evening High Fashion, Computer CAD/CAM, CAD 3D, Computer Design, Moulage/Draping, Portfolio Colleciton, Fashion blogger, Designing and Conceiving footwear elements etc…


The admissions is strictly allowed to students over 18 years old.
It’s required that the student has achieved a previous educational or work experience in the industry. For student who come from other schools, there’s the opportunity, after an interview with our teachers, to set up a custom study plan in a function of the level the student is starting from.
Places are restricted and classes are limited enrolment. For this reason, we suggest to register in time.


To be admitted to the masters you need to arrange an orientation interview with the school administration through an appointment. Once admitted, you’ll need to deposit the registration fee for the course and send your ID document and tax code to the address
The registration fee deposit, not refundable, guarantees the seat in the classroom until 30 days after the expected course start date.
We will take care of contacting the student for further details, then.
Once the Master is over, the student will have to take the final exam: if successful, the student will get the Professional Qualification Diploma.